This One’s a Keeper

What is the job of librarian? Why would any young adult aspire to do a job that is most well-known for shushing errant library goers? Mr. Library Dude a librarian at wrote about the profession of being a librarian since the early 1900’s. He recently found an article from the Carrol College library director from 1912 that dictated the responsibilities of a librarian, which he wrote a blog post about. The responses he got were that obviously the profession hadn’t changed very much. This is inaccurate as he points out in a blog post he wrote in response to those comments. The professions core values have stayed the same, but librarians themselves have adapted with technology. We check out laptops and other electronic devices when in 1912 the most that was available were the books themselves and possibly new clippings. A librarian to me is a keeper of knowledge, there are basically the Yoda of all things print. If you have a question we can answer it with the Dewie decimal system, or we can research it with our computer. Today a librarian must not only have a large selection of books to direct a reader too, but also have an understanding of the search engines that libraries operate through, particularly college libraries. Research is paramount, so a librarian must be able to sift through an incredible amount of texts to find the articles or books that might be pertinent to any given topic. They have to be able to check out different electronics, did I say check out, you must also be able to troubleshoot and have an intimate knowledge of how to work all of the items you send out into the world. Being a librarian is an every adapting and changing job, however, as Mr. Library Dude points out the core values stay the same. To provide a service and be knowledgeable enough to guide someone to just the write book, article, journal, news clipping or these days PDF. Librarians have the entire known universe at their fingertips, filed away under a strict system of numbers and letters, what about that is not astoundingly beautiful. Knowledge is power and to be a librarian is to hold all of the power. Not to mention you get to look sternly over your glasses at anyone who disturbs the peace and quiet of you realm made up of shelves and books.


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